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Ape Escape Adventure Walkthrough

Description: Walkthrough: ==Scene 1: Make Clicks on the cactus, bush, and tree bit to get some bangles. Take a bangle from cactus on front. Attach those bangles on the wall, to get a pineapple. Give it to ape. ==Scene 2: Click on the active branch of the tree, to get a key. Use key on the box, to get papaya. Give it to ape. ==Scene 3: Click the oval and square markings, to get 2 bits. Click the left/right bushes, and get bits. Get a bit from the box. Click the green blocks spot on the wall on right down, to get a bit. Attach those bits on the top right, to get oranges. Give oranges to ape. ==Scene 4: Note the predator food chain with signs on wall at left. And apply those signs by order of predator food chain on the wall at right. And get a stone. i.e. insect sign 1st, frog 2nd, snake 3rd and hawk on 4th. Use the stone on the catapult, to get a guava. Give it to ape. ==Scene 5 : Click the dark spot on the wall to get in. Click and match the pattern on the discs correctly of left and right walls. And note numbers. Enter that numbers on the wall at right, to get oranges. Give it to ape. ==Scene 6: Take a stone axe, use it on ball, and then note blocks level. As per blocks, move the buttons on the sliders panel, to get a banana. Give it to ape. ==Scene 7: Click on the steel blocks to make a way. Then click on the boulder. And note arrows. As per hint, change the arrows on left, to get an apple. Give it to ape. ==Scene 8: Click the vertical/horizontal maroon blocks, then click the boulder and note arrows. Using arrows hint, change the arrows on left, to get an apple. Give it to ape. ==Scene 9: Click on the square to get a ball. Click and bring the pearls in the 4 loops towards centre on the display at top left, To get a ball. Click on the lagori stones, to get a key. Use the key to open a house. Click the square to get a ball. Take a key. Use it on table to get a ball. Take a visible ball. Take a lighter from the barrel. Use lighter upon the frankincense, and note its quantities. As per levels, bring the buttons on the sliders panel, to get a ball. Attach those balls on the wall, to get strawberries. Give it to ape. ==Scene 10: Take a blue ball from top. Click the mini barrel, to get a ball. Click the tree bit, to get a ball. Click and bring the inner/outer loop signs as per above, where on top left, to get a ball. Click the rotating puzzle on top right. And stop the rotation, until one of the outer pipe reaches towards the top balls, then click the ball. Do this method for 3 times, to get a ball. Click the pipes panel on right down. And put those colored balls into the pipe as per color order. And take a mango... i.e. put red ball 1st with setting of 1st T joint downwards, pink ball 2nd with 2nd T joint downwards, blue ball 3rd with 3rd T- joint downwards and so on. Give mango to ape. ==Scene 11: Take a logo from tree. Note signs from left. As per signs, Change the 6 lined balls on right down. And take a logo. i.e. change the top lined balls into horizontal, vertical, horizontal. And down lined balls into vertical, horizontal. Take a lever. Click the dancing animal, to get a logo. Note the numbers (9669) on the wall on right down. And as per arrows the numbers is to be taken as (6699) So, Use the numbers (6699) on the dials near the tree, to get a logo. Paste those logos on the wall on right, to get a handle. Fix the handle on the wheel on the rock, and then put the lever in the mouth of the crocodile. Take grapes from the box. Give it to ape.

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