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Azure Birds From Hunter Walkthrough

Description: Walkthrough: ...Collect the items and hints following below... ==Scene 1: Click branch on left tree for coin. Take a coin from signboard. Click the top trunk of tree on right side for coin. Collect aerial roots from tree in centre. Get a hint from wolf. ==Scene 2: Get watermelon from the place behind the tree bits on land. Shovel on below of front window of house. Use it on land in front of house, to get a rung. Take a rung on tree at left. ==Scene 3: Use shovel on land on left side, to get a rung. Take a coin from the plant left side of river. Click the stone on wall where left side of fruits branch. And take a coin. Take a long stick from left side behind bridge.. Take a hook from river. Join the hook and the stick, to get a fruit picker tool. Using fruit picker, pluck 4 fruits from right side. Get a watermelon from plant behind bridge. ==Scene 2: Pluck 2 fruits. Give 4 fruits to birds and get 4 scrolls. Combine those scrolls and note the hint. ==Scene 1: Give watermelons to wolf, to get a key. Use shovel in front, to get a rung. Build a ladder using aerial roots and the rungs. ==Scene 2: Place the ladder on left side of house, to get a coin. ==Scene 2: Paste those coins on door in house and use the key. ==House: Take a book from floor. And note hint. Take a pot. Take 2 ropes from chair and barrel. Take a fishes bowl and iron piece from the bottom of cot. Take another iron piece from mirror table at left. Take a ladle from plank above cot. Take a bucket of water. ==Scene 3: Place the ladle on fire, then put the iron pieces in it. And take it. Click the pot and tie up the rope on it. Place the pot on fire, pour water and then put fishes and fruits. And take a pot. ==House: Give pot to hunter. Tie up the hunter using rope. And take a key mould. Use the molten iron liquid on the mould, to get a key. ==Scene 2: Use the key to unlock bird’s.Click for more escape games

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