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Doobee Escape Walkthrough

Description: Walkthrough: SCENE 1: *Take active leaf and rub it on the rock, then see codes. *Apply the codes on post cage and take paper. SCENE 2: *Click the mop, take key, use it on locker and take ink, pour it into funnel on roller top, then drag the paper upon the roller and take paper. SCENE 3: *Take 2 symbols such as heart and leaf where from left upper spot and behind of blue frame. *Click the lever and take diamond symbol and click the orange buttons as per numbering order from the paper and take clover symbol. *Attach those symbols upon the spot, and then see numbers. SCENE 4: *Put those numbers in dancing box and take bulb. *And take 3 bulbs from the right entrance, ceiling lamp and pathway by clicking all on it. *Fit those bulbs upon the left and right blue spots and see flashing hint. SCENE 5: *Change the sticks on round displays as per flashing hint and take balloon. *Place the balloon at the pump tube and see numbers. *Put those numbers in the box and take umbrella, drag thee umbrella upon the left upper frame and see shapes. SCENE 6: *Take 3 pacman symbols from various places. And click the wooden box and take a pacman symbol. *Take hammer from left box, and use it on right wooden box and take a logo. *Attach those pacman symbols and logo upon the grey box and take diamond. SCENE 7: *Take key and use it on yellow box and take jug. *place diamond upon the blue plate and see numbers, then enter those numbers on lamp table and take magic box. *click the hot pot and put the magic box inside the pot, drag the jug on the tap and take it after. *then pour the jug liquid into the green box hole and take gold coin. SCENE 8: *Take a cog from left upper wall. *Take rotating knob from wooden box, and drag it on purple stand and attach the gold coin on top and take cog. *Click the red button on panel and see numbers. Put those numbers on the steel barrel and take cog. *Attach those cogs upon the box and take pliers. SCENE 9: *click the round plate and take key. *Click the Wooden box and take hack saw. *Drag the hack saw upon the wooden posts and take 2 wood bits. *And click and change the three wood post levels such as small to large. *And also use that wood bits upon the posts hole and press the red button, then use the key on the lock and drag pliers upon iron ball chain and take iron ball. *Place iron ball upon the weight balance. SCENE 10: *Take sucked type arrow from left upper wall. *Drag it upon the bow and take bomb. SCENE 11: *Click the left upper nozzles board and turn the nozzles as per black pictures and see plus code. *Make plus code by clicking the buttons on the key panel and see colors. *As per colors, change the colors on the box and take lighter. and place the bomb behind the round rock and fire the bomb, then see doobee escape.

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