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Flower Garden House Escape Walkthrough

Description: Walkthrough: Click the left front boundary stone to get a sticker. Click the bug on flower and take a key. Use the key on table left drawer to get a sticker. Count the white, yellow flowers. And also put those countings of white and yellow flowers on table to get a sticker. Click the 2nd pillar top on fence to get a sticker. Click the sign post to get a sticker. Take a sticker from the stone before the home. Take a hand trowel behind of the stone before the fence. Take a fruit from the tree. Attach those fruit on the wood drum to see the fruits hint. Change the fruits on home left window by hint to get a sticker. Use the hand trowel on the brick between the two pillars on fence to see the numbers. Put those numbers on centre boundary stone to get a sticker. Attach those stickers on picture in the left of home. Then note the word. Put that word on the right window to get a key. Use the key on door to get in. Note the numbers in colors from where plant left of door, plants on the centre and left table. Put those numbers on top of cupboard to get a star. Click the button left of cupboard to note the star colors. Apply those colors on spot left of door to get a star. Click the pot on table to get a star. Note the codes on left down pot and put those codes on the side of cupboard to get a star. Click the book and note the white dots. Click the carpet and change dots into white as per hint by clicking the brown dots on it. And take a star. Attach those stars on mirror to get codes. Put those codes on door to escape from there.

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