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Frog Sniper

Description: Frogs are the most diverse vertebrates in the species that are existent today. Frogs generally are fat, with eyes that are protruding, thin tongues and hands which are underneath the body, folded. These species do not have a tail. The colours of frogs vary from green , brown, yellow, red and even grey. Some of these are toxic but in general these are considered distasteful. They hatch eggs in water, which becomes tadpoles which we can see even in tap waters and grow into frogs or toads. Frogs generally jump, which is also called a frog leap. Frogs are eaten across various countries, and they are used in dissection in most of the biology and anatomy classes across the world. There are a bout 15 frogs which you need to locate to win this game. Just zoom your mouse to trace the frogs and click on them to make one down on your list. Good luck for a frog hunt! Please try our Zoom In For Beetles- Hidden Objects Game also. Find more interesting escape games.

Instructions: Frog Sniper

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