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Garden Puppy Escape Walkthrough

Description: Walk-through: Scene 1: Take an ax. Click the vase for icon. Click pink flower for icon. Note 734 from stone. Scene 2: Take an icon from right side down. Take an icon from the totem. Use the ax upon the semi-buried barrel, to get an icon. House: Enter 734 in the box on plank at the right side. And get an icon. Note the calendar. I.e. 7929. Enter 7929 in the left side table, to get an icon. Click on the left thin box, to get a key. Take a round icon from the girl photo. Use the key on the right side table, to get an icon. Attach the pink icons on the right side table, to get a key. Use the key in the left side table, to get an icon. Scene 1: Attach those yellow icons on the signboard, to get letters. I.e. KGFEY. Enter those letters on the tree at the left side, to get an icon. House: Attach those round icons on the clock, to get an arrows hint. Note it down. Scene 2: Using arrows hint, change the ball directions on round green board on the tree at the right side. And get blue balls, count it. I.e. 2345432. Click the puzzle spot above home entrance. Therein, increase the block levels using the numbers. I.e. 2345432. And get colored arrows. Click the puzzle spot on roof of house, therein bring the knobs using color arrows hint, to get the buttons press hint. House: Click the buttons on left side wallboard using the arrows in line hint. I.e. start clicking from the top. And get a knife. Scene 2: Cut the puppy rope, to escape.Click for more escape games

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