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Guest Home Escape Walkthrough

Description: Walk Through; Click the window rope and see the number codes. Apply it on the 2nd scene sofa and get a fuse. Take a fuse from the 1st scene fuse hole. Switch OFF the wall lamp and get a passwords and apply it on the sofa and get a fuse. Take a blue bit upon the book. Take a orange bit from the opened book. Take a fuse near the table lamp. Take a fuse from 2nd scene sofa. Get red bit upon the 2nd scene wall frame. Take a color loop upon the 2nd scene wall and place it on the 1st scene helmet and take the yellow bit when it moving. Attach 4 color bits upon the 2nd scene color bit board and get a pencil. Sharpen the pencil using sharpener which that is placed on the table. Use the pencil to open the wall pink glass box and take a fuse. Get a gold plate from the 2nd scene sofa and paste it on the 1st scene square box and get a divider. Place the divider upon the 2nd scene semi color picture in the table and see the numbers for colors and apply it on the 1st scene color counter and get a key. Put the key to the 2nd scene table and get a knife. Use the knife to cut the pillow and get a color wheel. Place the color wheel upon the 1st scene wall and get a fuse link. Place all fuses upon it and get a key. Use it and escape from there. Play our other escape games.

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