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Jungle Boy Escape Walkthrough

Description: Walkthrough: Scene 1(River): Take a stick on ground where left edge of river. Take a frog. Take a stone axe from behind the grey stone at right. Click the crack on the mountain and note the buttons’ hint. Click the lagori stones on left, and note colors (Blue, red and green). Take a sword from behind the rock at left. Click the stone before the distantly cave where at straight. And take a cloth. Scene 2(Forest): Click the snail on left down. And change the buttons using the hint. And take a symbol. i.e. move the 2nd and 3rd buttons towards right. Use the stone axe upon the scallop shell on right down. And take a symbol. Click the stone on the grass on right, to get a harpoon. Change the colors (blue, red and green) on the pumpkin, to get a symbol. Take a stick from the plant near the right tree. Use that stick on the coconut tree on left, to get a coconut. Chop coconut using the sword. And take it. Click the cloth and drag the coconut. And note numbers for signs. Scene 1(River): Join the harpoon with stick, to get a spear. Use spear on water, to get a fish. Place the frog on the dog head, then give a fish, to get a symbol. As per hint, Change the signs on the thorn fruit in the dried tree. And take a symbol. Scene 2(Forest): Paste those symbols around gate of cave, to get in. Cave: Take 2 steel bits from left and right side on the top of straight beam. Click the stretch stone centre, where right of idol. And take a steel bit. Click the stone on bottom of the idol. And take a paper bit. Click the side view statue at right, to get a paddle. Note the numbers (25) from the spot where under the straight beam on right. Click the barrel and bring the buttons as per numbers (25). And take a paper bit. i.e. move top button to purple colors and down button to multi colors. Paste the paper bits on the spot above the 1st stretch stone on left. And note numbers (067). Use the numbers on the round spot left down of idol, to get a wooden bit. Drag the steel bits upon the idol, to get a key. Use the key on the box, to get a scroll. Scene 3(lake): Paste the wooden bit on the boat. Cut the rope using the sword. Drag the paddle and scroll on the boat. Click for more escape games

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