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Lucid Red Room Escape Walkthrough

Description: Walkthrough: Take 2 pieces of cogs from right wall lamp, & left pink board. Attach it onto the wood box & get dice A. Take 2 emblems from under the left lamp table & straight back of the drawer table. Attach it upon the right side wall & get dice X. Take the numbers from the cell phone placed in front of the flashing lamp & apply it (3590) into the right sofa & get knife. Use it to cut the pillow & get card bit. Click the design art frame above the door & get card bit. Take a card bit from the left color wall frame. See the moving puzzle sticks in straight hall & click the last middle gap between the puzzle stick when 4 middle gaps are in same line. & click again & again for the piston extending into end & get color codes. Apply the colors into the centre table & get a key. Use the key to open the table drawer & get rubber seal. Drag the rubber seal onto the stamp pad & get keywords. Apply the keywords into the straight counter & get final card bit. Attach 4 bits of cards upon the straight left round board & get dice Z. See the arrows in the left shelf & add the numbers in arrows as per arrows upon the straight mini sofa placed behind the drawer table & apply it into the straight wall left counter & get dice D. Click any dice & place other dices by order & find the numbers for each dice alphabets as per code mentioned in right wall brown frame. And enter the detected alphabets numbers upon the wall straight counter & get a key. Use the key to open the main door & escape from there. Find more interesting escape games.

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