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Puzzle Room Escape Game

Description: The word puzzle means a problem or riddle that can be solved by the cleverness of a player. There are many types of puzzle such as tour puzzle, cube puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, lock puzzle, construction puzzle, combination puzzle and much more. However we can categorize all the puzzles into 7 categories namely Lateral thinking puzzles, Logic puzzles, Mathematical puzzles, Mechanical puzzles, Meta-puzzles, Picture puzzles and Word puzzles. In lateral thinking puzzles, you will be given a situation and you will have to answer yes or no for the questions asked from the situation. Mathematical puzzles always come with instruments with a riddle. Rubik’s cube is a best example of that kind. That’s okay. How will you call a room that is full of puzzles? Puzzle room. Imagine that you are trapped in that room. If you need to escape from the room then you should solve the puzzles. Visit our collection of other escape games.

Instructions: Find the plug for the switches in the room by solving the puzzles. Get the final key once you fill all the colors in the puzzle piece.

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