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Rabbit Rescue from Garden

Description: Walkthrough: There are home, scene 1 and scene 2 in this game. Scene 1: Click the face on the tree to get a key. Click the flowers to get the colors (blue, green, sky blue and rose). Click the bark on left tree to get numbers (859). Scene 2: Take a shovel from left down plant. Use the shovel upon specific spot on the walkway and take a key. Take 2 icons from 2 trees. Use a key on the window on the lean tower. And take a star logo. Home In: Use the key on the straight table drawer to get a symbol. Click the drawer on the TV table to get a symbol. Click the left down drawer on the straight table to get a star logo. Apply those colors (blue, green, sky blue and rose) on the wall shelf to get a symbol. Put those numbers on TV and take a star logo. Attach those stars on the straight small table and take an icon. Scene 2: Attach those colored icons on the left vertical stone to get a symbol. Scene 1: Attach those 4 symbols on the wall where outside of the home. And take a garden fork. Scene 2: Use the garden fork upon the boulder. And note masks. Home In: As per masks, change it on the straight table to get a tiles hint. Scene 2: As per tiles, change the tiles images on the right lean tower and take a book. Scene 1: Give the book to owl. And see the red dots hint. Click the blue bowl on the rabbit cage. Click and bring the red colors in the blocks, as per red dots hint. And get numbers. Put those numbers on the box left of rabbit cage and take a key. Use the key on the rabbit cage.

Instructions: The Motive of this game has release the rabbit to escape from the garden. Use kind skills, Have a fun. Good Luck.

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