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Sportive House Escape Walkthrough

Description: Walkthrough: There are 3 rooms in this sportive house. Room 1: Click the left table bottle to get a logo. Take a knife from centre table drawer. Take a hammer from the top of the right cupboard. And also click the stick on the 2nd drawer on that cupboard to get the logo. Take a logo from the clock. Take a logo from DVD player. Note the rings color from photo above TV and apply those colors on cupboard drawer to get a stick man. Note the numbers from left steps wall (numbers use to table drawer in 3rd room to get a stick man). Room 2: Note the numbers from top of the cupboard and put those numbers in the step to get a diamond. Note the 4 numbers on steps (numbers use to buttons on slider on the wall in 1st room to get a logo). Click the pillows on cot and floor to get 2 diamonds. Click the small pot to get a diamond. Take a logo from clock. Use the knife on mat to get a logo. Note the colors from clip art on straight right wall.(colors use to left table drawer in 1st room to get a stick man). Room 3: Use the hammer upon left upper showcase to get a logo. Click the straight down paper roll to get a diamond. Click the bucket to get a diamond. Click the towel to get a diamond. Click the screw board above the towel to get a stick man. Note the color numbers from straight wall.(numbers use to right table drawer in 1st room to get a stick man). Click the soap bowl to get a diamond. Attach those stick mans upon the board below the towel to get a bottle. Paste all those diamonds on the straight above spot to get the bottle. Room 1: Paste all those logos on the top plate on the wall to get a bottle. Room 2: Attach those bottles on the spot under the clipart and note the numbers.(numbers use on the wall frame in 1st room to get a key). Use the key to escape from the house.Click for more escape games

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