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Wood House escape

Description: People have different preferences when it comes to houses. Some prefer contemporary and modern houses while some want to stick to the elegant old ones. Wood houses were the next to the cave houses, the era marking some beautiful craftsmanship in wood. People still prefer wooden flooring in their otherwise concrete houses. Wood houses create a medieval effect while giving a posh feel. They are also more sturdy than the new age homes. Wood houses keep you warm and gives you a cosy feeling which you miss in trendy, chic concrete houses. The cleanliness and style sometimes becomes so sterile that one cannot feel comfortable enough. The wooden frames with old handles in the wood house give you a strange sense of homeliness that you can never get in an ultra modern luxury apartment. It is a wonder that you are struck in one such old wood house and now want to get away. Play the puzzle game with hints hidden across the place, Touch wood you will not be bored. Also, play The Little Champ's Room Escape Game. Visit us for more escape games.

Instructions: Wood House escape

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